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Download Alireza New Afghani Track

Alireza – Ki Mitune Be Jaye Man
AlirezaKi Mitune Be Jaye Man
Alireza – Mu Ferferi
AlirezaMu Ferferi
Alireza – 100 Bar
Alireza100 Bar
Alireza – Che Waghte Paize
AlirezaChe Waghte Paize
Alireza & Rahmat – Ritalin
AlirezaRitalin (Rahmat)
Alireza – Delbar
Alireza – To Har Dam
AlirezaTo Har Dam
Alireza – 5 Sal
Alireza5 Sal
Alireza – Biya Bargard
AlirezaBiya Bargard
Alireza – Rafti
Alireza & Mohammadreza – Gahi
AlirezaGahi (Mohammadreza)
Alireza – Fasle Asheghi
AlirezaFasle Asheghi
Alireza & Mohammadreza – Me & You
AlirezaMe & You (Mohammadreza)
Alireza – Yade To
AlirezaYade To
Alireza & Mohammadreza – Madar
AlirezaMadar (Mohammadreza)
Alireza – Tanhai
Alireza – Delet Ba Ma Nabud
AlirezaDelet Ba Ma Nabud
Alireza – Biliyaghat
Alireza & Mohammadreza – Delam Khoshe
Alireza Delam Khoshe (Mohammadreza