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Podcasts Archives - افغان موزیک - AfghanMusicYou are looking to the Podcasts Archives - افغان موزیک - AfghanMusic archive
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Last Podcast's
Qasim Jami ( Remix  Babak Rasa ) – Rafigh
Babak RasaRafigh (Remix)
Elyas Isaar ( Remix – Babak Rasa ) – Sangtarashan
Babak RasaSangtarashan (Remix)
Qasim Jami (Remix Babak Rasa) – Goloband Tala
Babak RasaGoloband Tala (Remix)
Ajmal Zahin (Remix Babak Rasa) – Namesha
Babak RasaNamesha (Remix)
Bashir (Remix Babak Rasa) – Meyda Meyda
Babak RasaMeyda Meyda (Remix)
Ahmad zahir (Remix Babak Rasa) – Dostat Darom
Babak RasaDostat Darom (Remix)
Nasim Hashemi – Shiro Shakar (REMIX)
Nasim HashemiShiro Shakar (REMIX)
Babak Rasa – Azy Kocha (Remix)
Babak RasaAzy Kocha (Remix)
Babak Rasa – Darvazah (Remix)
Babak RasaDarvazah (Remix)
Rahe Jahani – Muyakait Tar (Remix)
Rahe JahaniMuyakait Tar (Remix)
Qais Aryan – Remix
Qais AryanRemix
Samir Hassan – Pashto (Remix)
Samir HassanPashto (Remix)
Baktash Joya – Mix
Baktash JoyaMix
Rafi Hanif – Remix
Rafi HanifRemix
Dj Javid Citizen – Mix of Afghan songs
Dj Javid CitizenMix of Afghan songs
Jawed Habibi – Bahana (Remix)
Jawed HabibiBahana (Remix)
Hamid Sahil – Remix ( O Bacha )
Hamid SahilRemix ( O Bacha )