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فرهاد یعقوبی

Farhad Yaqobi – Emsal Sale mast
Farhad YaqobiEmsal Sale mast
Farhad Yaqobi & Mohsen Mt – Dar Metim
Farhad YaqobiDar Metim (Mohsen Mt)
Farhad Yaqobi – Banoye Man
Farhad YaqobiBanoye Man
Farhad Yaqobi – Che Hesse Ghashangi
Farhad YaqobiChe Hesse Ghashangi
Farhad Yaqobi – Nafasami
Farhad YaqobiNafasami
Farhad Yaqobi – Ba To Ye Hale Digam
Farhad YaqobiBa To Ye Hale Digam