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Reja Rahish -Toba Toba
Reja RahishToba Toba
Jawid Sharif – Nawe tob
Jawid SharifNawe tob
Jalal Azizi – Beraqs
Jalal AziziBeraqs
Samir Rohesh – Aashiq
Samir RoheshAashiq
Neyaz Mohseni – Deldaram
Neyaz MohseniDeldaram
Babak Mohammadi – Banaz Banaz
Babak MohammadiBanaz Banaz
Taher Khavari – Sarzamin e Aab
Taher khavariSarzamin e Aab
Reja Rahish -Toba Toba
Reja RahishToba Toba
Mehdi Farukh – Ya Allah
Mehdi FarukhYa Allah
Hosein Hoseini – Az Del Tanha
Hosein HoseiniAz Del Tanha
Jawid Sharif – Nawe tob
Jawid SharifNawe tob
Homayoun Derakhshan – Madar
Homayoun DerakhshanMadar
Mehdi Farukh – Dokhtar Sheghnan
Mehdi FarukhDokhtar Sheghnan
Jawid Sharif – Shana Paranak
Jawid SharifShana Paranak
Hamdard Bashir –  Qandolak
Hamdard BashirQandolak
Jawid Sharif – Del
Jawid SharifDel
Mehdi Farukh &  Mostamandi  – Tote  Jigar
Mehdi FarukhTote Jigar (Mostamandi)
Kabir hoseyni – Rasme Donya
Kabir HoseyniRasme Donya
Jawid Sharif – Bekhe Ze Jayet
Jawid SharifBekhe Ze Jayet
Jawid Sharif – Yak Qadam Pesh
Jawid SharifYak Qadam Pesh
Mehdi Farukh – Shokhak Farkhar
Mehdi FarukhShokhak Farkhar
Mehdi Farukh & Ramesh Raihan – Narmak Narmak
Mehdi FarukhNarmak Narmak
Jawid Sharif – Qhad Mega
Jawid SharifQhad Mega
Kami – Eshghe Aval
KamiEshghe Aval